What we do

Give a gift of sustainability, knowledge, hope and health that will continue to impact lives further into the future than you will ever know.

We aim to inspire and equip the poor to attain an economical base of self-reliance, family strength and Spirit-led generosity toward others.

Years of poverty have been slowly drying out the soil of hope in Africa. Millions live on less than a dollar a day, and abject poverty chokes out dreams and often life itself. Hunger, disease, alcoholism, spiritual emptiness and lack of knowledge move through the hearts and homes of countless villages and generations where struggling parents repeat the cycle of raising malnourished, uneducated children who hope for a better life.

The challenges, though great, are not as strong as the determination God provides to overcome them. Empowering Lives International is a Christian organization raised up to bring knowledge, care, spiritual transformation and empowerment in a holistic way to millions of suffering people – one life at a time.

Empowering the poor is a broad challenge and opportunity. Our ministry has expanded significantly and in recent years has also been refined for greater effectiveness. We invite you to join our family of worldwide partners as we bring empowerment to the poor through training and education, care for orphans and community investment.