Business Training

Countless people dream of being able to operate their own business and many make a valiant attempt yet fail. ELI offers a one month intensive course that turns such failure into practical success.

BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT INITIATIVES is a powerful one month course that ELI provides to hopeful entrepreneurs in East Africa. It addresses the major problem of poverty as it relates to high unemployment levels in Kenya, by training people to start their own viable business in their own community. Here people learn hands-on practical business start-up skills so that they are enabled to establish or improve their own income generating business.

The problems of poverty and economic hopelessness can be seen among the youth of East Africa.  This became evident during the post-election violence of January 2008 in Kenya and remains a problem today.  Even with reasonable education levels, the lack of opportunities and direction continue to demoralize youth.  This places Kenya’s youth in a vulnerable position that has the potential to destabilize the nation as a whole.

By the end of each unique month long course, each trainee will have learned and adopted basic business skills and be involved in a money-making activity that they have personally chosen, using the $10 that each participant raises and contributes as their seed capital.  The training program typically involves two qualified trainers who carefully select 20 people from the community and conduct a 1 month business training course in the area where the participants live. Alternate days are spent in the classroom and the market place where lessons learned are practically applied and relevant research undertaken.

The follow-up on each student lasts a full year with special workshops that take place several times after the intensive one month training is completed. Each participant does the necessary research, business plan and then starts an income generating activity while on the course!

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