Child Healthcare

With 244 children under our care, sickness and medical needs are bound to occur.  We have helped Jacob receive a bone marrow transplant, Kevin receive corrective surgery on his feet, and Moon heal from a broken arm.

We recognize the dramatic impact that health has on the individual. It gives God glory when a sick person is miraculously healed, but it also gives God glory when a person remains healthy and knows how to prevent sickness for themselves and their families. To be empowered includes the ability to work and worship without hindrance.

At our Children’s Homes, we equip the children with a number of tools to stay healthy.

We teach good hygiene and celebrate those who have implemented healthy lifestyle habits so that others will be motivated to follow their example. We also create awareness of the diseases that debilitate life, such as HIV/AIDS.

When a child does fall ill, or has an recurring medical need, we provide for that need with our medical fund. Our medical fund is an ongoing need as we work to provide the very best physical care for our kids.



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