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 Give the gift of clean water today! 


Water is life

For the past 3 years, ELI has been drilling water wells in the dry, rural areas of the Mara region of northern Tanzania. The ground is too rocky and the water is too deep for local hand dug wells or small machine drilling in this part of the country. Most communities rely on existing water sources that are far from their homes. These sources contain bacteria and are parasite-ridden. The cost of coal prevents people from being able to boil the water every day, and as a result many die from preventable, water-related illnesses.

Partnering with communities to drill a well

Many communities are eager to contribute financially towards a well, but simply cannot afford the high prices of big well drilling business. At ELI, we believe in giving a hand-up, not a hand-out, and so we partner with communities to raise the $7,000 needed to drill a deep well. People in the community are mobilized to work together and unite to contribute towards the cost of the well. Communities give materials like cement, stones, sand and labor, as well as financially when they are able. This encourages the community to take ownership and pride in their new water source and is a big step towards future development. Empowering Lives provides for the drilling rig and the drilling team, and covers the remaining cost of the well.


Drilling wells opens doors for ministry

In the communities we partner with, witchcraft and spiritual darkness are prevalent. Water drilling has opened up doors for ELI to cultivate meaningful relationships with people and families who live in these difficult, rural areas. The Gospel is shared not just through words, but through life and deed.  We are able to become the hands and feet of Jesus through water wells, which opens up many exciting ministry opportunities!

Get involved today!

You have the opportunity to join with us in the fight against the water crisis in Africa. A contribution of $7,000 allows us to partner with one community and drill a water well. Well sponsors receive a full report of their specific sponsored well, complete with village name, GPS coordinates, pictures, village profile, and construction details. A certificate will be provided with the village name, date, and photo as a thank you for partnering in this life-changing endeavor.

Can’t sponsor an entire well? No problem!

Individual donations will be pooled together and every time the balance reaches $7,000, another well will be drilled. Donate online today, or mail a check to:

Empowering Lives International, PO Box 67, Upland, CA 91785


Watch these videos to learn more about the well drilling process

Our Tanzania Team

Andrew Belko (left)–Tanzania Country Coordinator

Yakobo Sembo (right)–Director, ELI Tanzania

Andrew is currently building leadership capacity within the well drilling team. He has now been with ELI for 5 years in both Kenya and Tanzania. He is a catalyst for the well drilling projects in Tanzania.

Yakobo is a diligent and passionate servant of God in Tanzania. God has used Yakobo to build relationships with countless people throughout the country. Yakobo manages the Training Center based in Kalemela, Tanzania (Near Bunda), and leads well drilling projects.

The Mighty Men well drillers

Together this team of men are making water wells happen in Tanzania. The current team of Mighty Men consists of Kisula Dotto, Mashiku Philipo, Ibrahim Shuka along with Andrew and Yakobo.


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