Extension Training

Knowledge impacts both life and community!

New skills learned means the difference between going hungry or not. It is the difference between moving forward with a sense of confidence or remaining stuck in a spiral that moves people down a path towards hopeless days and unpredictable futures. Over 2 billion people live on less than $2 a day. Poverty can grab, hold, choke and dissolve ambition from those in its grasp. The challenge of empowering lives in Africa is great, but so is our determination to make a difference. Our mission is to infuse and multiply real hopes into real lives that change the course of a person’s identity and future.

The Extension Training program is a dynamic training strategy that moves into the communities and villages where people who are losing hope need the ideas and training the most. Beginning with a core of trained community farmers, the training branches out as the trained farmers begin passing that knowledge to their neighbors – who, in turn, do the same again. ELI staff meet with community members and farmers on a regular basis to provide incentive, new knowledge and follow-up to assure that the knowledge gained is being applied in an effective and successful way. The goal is not to develop agriculture for them, but to help them gain a process whereby they are able to develop and improve on their own agriculture and animal production.

This program is growing in dynamic ways in Kenya and Tanzania and is among our most cost-effective ways to help people break the cycle of poverty and restore hope to declining communities.

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