Orphan Care

Millions of orphans and vulnerable children struggle daily for survival. In Kenya alone, over 200 adults die daily from HIV/AIDS, leaving behind children to fend for themselves or to be displaced among already overburdened neighbors or relatives. Countless other children have a parent, but poverty, neglect or abuse subjects the child to deplorable conditions, injuring the child’s welfare, esteem and hope for a future or family that cares.

We recognize this present reality and have seen the opportunity to change the course of the future by providing care and education for the marginalized children of Kenya. These children are the leaders of tomorrow, and will one day become agents of change for the nation.

Our two Children’s Homes are set up in a way that is modeled after a typical Kenyan village. The children are raised in a family unit of 24 brothers and sisters with a married couple as a mother and a father. We believe in providing holistic care, and the children are surrounded by a loving, Christ-centered environment with access to quality education, health care, and counseling.


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Your donation will help met the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of our children. Your partnership offers a hope and a future for orphans in need. Your donation will help our Children’s Homes pay for things like facility and car maintenance. Your partnership allows our children to live in a safe and healthy environment. Your donation equips the students that grew up in our Children’s Homes with school fees, housing, food and books. Your partnership will raise up the next generation in Kenya so they can go out and impact their communities with dedication and skill.

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