DR Congo School


We sense the great need for the light of Christ in this community. Poverty is the norm. Drugs, disease and hunger are common, and the neighborhood stream acts as the sewage system for thousands of people. We preach the gospel of Christ not only in chapel and in the classroom, but through our actions. Our motive and desire is for a righteous school where lives are transformed.


We believe quality education is a way out of poverty. An education at our school not only creates opportunities, but it also provides a safe and loving place for children. We also provide proactive preventative health care and nutritious, high-energy porridge for all our primary school students. The ELI Christian Academy currently serves 650 students from grades 1-12. We employ 16 trained teachers, five school administrators, and five staff from the local community. Our half-hectare campus is perched on the side of a steep hillside and has six different levels. The campus hosts a small dirt playing field, 12 semi-permanent classrooms, three toilets, three offices and a small kitchen. We provide quality Christian education for less than any other private school in the area.

ELI Christian Academy is being renewed in many ways under the leadership of Kalondji Mukenya, a former high school principal and a pastor of over 20 years.

Here is a video from our 2018 Giving Tuesday campaign.


It takes a village to raise a child, and so it takes many people to raise an entire community. Support our school in DR Congo so we can educate students in the slum of Bukavu, DR Congo and, in turn, empower an entire community. For $30 per month, three children get to attend school, where they will receive opportunities to escape poverty through education. These children can take what they learn back home and teach their families. Receiving an education also increases their future earning potential by 10 to 20 percent, thus helping their future and their future family.

Your generous gifts help provide the following:

Clothing (uniforms)
One meal a day of nutritious, high-energy porridge
Supplies (textbooks, notebooks, pencils and pens)
Study aids (tutoring for students and training and educational workshops for teachers)
Basic healthcare (including deworming medicine each year)
Spiritual development



Why can’t I sponsor one child?

Equality: We want to withdraw from giving the impression that only certain children deserve help. Your sponsorship connects you with all of the children in our school and not just one. We want all of the children to know they are special and not single out specific students.

Community: Through sponsorship of the school, we can share that an individual abroad cares for a community of children, hoping that as a model, those in the community will think beyond paying only for their own child and join in caring more for the school as a whole, thus emphasizing community sacrifice.

Can I write to the children?

Yes! You can write by sending an email to sponsorships@empoweringlives.org. We prefer you to send greetings to the children by email, because it will arrive in DR Congo faster than by regular post mail.

If you are sending a letter via post mail, please address it to ELI, PO Box 67, Upland, CA 91785. The letter will be received by our office, and we will hand it to an ELI staff member or short-term team member heading to Kenya. Once the letter reaches Kenya, it is given to the next person heading to DR Congo. Once the letter is received by a staff member in DR Congo, it will be translated into French and given to the class. One of the students will respond on behalf of the class. People traveling to DR Congo are not frequent, as it is a country often facing conflict. The letter could take several months to reach our school in DR Congo, so your patience is appreciated.

How do I set up automatic payments via credit card or banking card?

Go here to give to our DR Congo school and follow the instructions on the giving form. Choose “Orphans and Vulnerable Children” and select “DR Congo School”

Can I donate via check?

Yes. Checks must be made out to Empowering Lives International (ELI). Please write “DR Congo: Educate a Community” in the memo section. Send checks to ELI, PO Box 67, Upland, CA 91785.