South Sudan School


We sense the great need for the light of Christ in this community. For over two decades, the war-torn area of Bor has forced families to run for their lives. Devastation rolled through South Sudan as militant raiders from the North plundered and burned villages, killing parents and children alike. Families were split apart during flight, and some were blessed to find one another again years later in Kenyan or Ugandan refugee camps. Thousands of children have either not yet found their families or received the unfortunate news that their families were killed during the war or died while fleeing across the country. Poverty of spirit and lack of basic needs are great.


Along with pastoral and agricultural trainings, ELI has established a school attended by 350 children. Due to the war, there has been no school in this area for over 20 years. The children range in age from 5 to 17, all starting with the first grade, as this is the first time any of them have attended school. We preach the love of Christ not only in the classroom, but through our actions. Our desire is for a righteous school where lives are transformed.

Stephen Reech was one of the Sudanese men who fled Sudan with his family, walking for six weeks to get to Kenya for safety. He dreamed of returning one day to rebuild his home village and, with God’s help, provide a new future for its many suffering children and families. Twelve years after leaving Sudan, his dream became a reality. Stephen, now on staff with ELI, returned home to Kolmarek, South Sudan to build a Christian ministry to reach the many struggling daily for the basic necessities of life.

Students at ELI’s South Sudan school are taught math, English, Christian religion, science and social studies. In science class, students are taught hygiene, sanitation, environmental stability and use of safe water. This makes a huge difference, as bathing regularly and drinking clean water prevent many diseases that can be deadly. Through these teachings, many children want to doctors, nurses, laboratory technicians and chemists to build a healthy nation of South Sudan.


Your investment of $30 per month will help to educate, feed and embrace three children in our school. It takes a village to raise a child, and so it takes many people to raise an entire community. Educating children will educate the community. These children can take what they learn back home and teach their families. Receiving an education also increases their future earning potential by 10 to 20 percent, thus helping their future and their future family.

Your generous gifts help provide the following:

Supplies (textbooks, notebooks, pencils and pens)
Study aids (tutoring for students and training and educational workshops for teachers)
Basic healthcare (including deworming medicine each year)
Spiritual development
Life skills


Choose “Orphans and Vulnerable Children” and select “South Sudan School”


Why can’t I sponsor one child?

Equality: We want to withdraw from giving the impression that only certain children deserve help. Your sponsorship connects you with all of the children in our school and not just one. We want all of the children to know they are special and not single out specific students.

Community: Through sponsorship of the school, we can share that an individual abroad cares for a community of children, hoping that as a model, those in the community will think beyond paying only for their own child and join in caring more for the school as a whole, thus emphasizing community sacrifice.

How do I set up automatic payments via credit card or banking card?

Go here to give to our South Sudan school and follow the instructions on the giving form. You can select whether or not your gift by credit card is monthly or one-time.

Can I donate via check?

Yes. Checks must be made out to Empowering Lives International (ELI). Please write “South Sudan: Educate a Community” in the memo section. Send checks to ELI, PO Box 67, Upland, CA 91785.

Do you send bills each month?

No, but you will receive a receipt letter for every contribution you make that can act as a reminder for your next donation. You can receive receipt letters via email or post mail. Just let us know by indicating on the enclosed form. We do email or post mail friendly reminder letters to donors who are behind in payments.