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Because of the experience and connections that ELI has been blessed with, we are able at times to partner with a community to achieve a grand venture that accomplishes a time-bound project for the benefit of all.

Name: Wood-working studio

Location: Kipkaren, Kenya |  Completion Date: January 2014



Name: Jesus Cross Over Bridge
Location: Kipkaren River, Kenya
Completion Date 1999
Upgrade Completion Date 2007

After an evening outdoor community meeting where ELI staff and a visiting USA team shared testimonies, songs, and the Jesus film- a group of people across the Kipkaren River who could see the activities at a distance but could not hear anything began singing in Kiswahili a song that said ” Build a bridge, build a bridge and bring Jesus to this side.” After some months of working with the communities on both sides of the river it was determined that a bridge should be built and the community agreed to supply as much labor and materials as they could. A team of seen men led by Tom Hamic from Hillside Community church was organized and in two weeks time an 80 foot, wood truss bridge was completed. At the dedication 1,000 people gathered and it was officially named “The Jesus Cross Over bridge.”

Several years later an unusual flood caused the bridge to bend and a few years later collapse but within a few months, engineers and friends from Clovis, CA (Christian Community Church) made yet another dream come true – A steel truss bridge which to this day still stands and is crossed every day by foot, bicycle, motorcycle, an occasional car, and of course many cows, sheep, goats, and chickens.

When the original bridge was completed an ELI rehabilitation and 12 step program combatting alcoholism took deep roots in the community on the other side of the bridge and soon a new church was planted that continues to this day. Hundreds more lives have been reached with the Gospel and people from communities that surround the bridge can now benefit easily in several ways: The Cheboiywa Health Clinic, The Cheboiywa Cattle Dip, Cheboiywa and Brook of Faith Primary Schools, Several newly constructed churches, and reaching the Kipkaren Market.

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