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“Experts are warning that unless a comprehensive program to empower and rehabilitate the country’s affected youth is implemented, poverty levels in many parts of the country are set to increase. Findings by government agencies paint a picture of a lost generation.

“According to the findings, more than 70 per cent of young people under the age of 29 are abusing alcohol.

“[. . . ] The government admits that the country is sitting on a time bomb unless the problem of idle youth is dealt with urgently. ‘When the youth are idle they are easily lured to crime. We have seen the consequence of having idle youth. The post-election violence was mainly driven by idle youth. This year we have seen youth disrupt transport and paralyse business in market centres,’ Youth Affairs assistant minister Kabando wa Kabando said.”

– Excerpt taken from “How Kenya’s ‘lost generation’ could bring the economy to its knees” (published April 5, 2009 in The Nation).

Only a few years after beginning the Skills for Life training strategy, we recognized that alcohol abuse was a significant and growing problem that had to be addressed. Young people who should be in their prime were often found in a drunken stupor, sleeping on roadsides and ditches. Men who “lead” their homes were taking any money gained and using it to fuel their own addictions.

ELI began with a prayer campaign and a village-wide survey, and then – through God’s providence – volunteers from the USA like Dave Kentish came and helped establish accountability groups that eventually led to a necessary Christian rehabilitation program.

Today, over 1,000 people have come out of their addiction and are finding new freedom and purpose in life. They are contributing members of the society and many have found Christ as their true higher power. In most cases, when a person gains victory over their alcoholism, progress reaches an even greater level of success when they enter and complete one or more of our Skills for Life training programs.

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