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Hosea 4: 6 “My people perish for lack of knowledge.”

ELI inspires and equips the poor to attain an economical base of self- reliance, family strength and Spirit-led generosity toward others.

“I hunger for ideas like a man under water hungers for oxygen.” – Peter Maru, Kipkaren Training and Development Center Director

It is this genuine hunger for ideas, rather than handouts, that motivates us all the more to do whatever it takes to see that these friends living under such humble, difficult conditions be empowered with ideas, training and resources that can break the cycle of poverty as well as introduce them to the God who cares for the poor and told us to do so as well.

Sharing skills for life is the backbone of our ministry and takes on several strategic forms in order to empower the poor who come from various cultures, backgrounds and skill levels. Whether in Kenya, Tanzania, South Sudan or DR Congo, our Skills for Life training is taught in a practical way, providing farmers with every opportunity to see, understand and contribute their own knowledge to improve the opportunity for all to succeed and advance together. Our strategies take on several forms, from three-day or six-month trainings at our training centers to a year of monthly trainings during field farmer school partnerships. Those hungry for business skills join our Business Start-up Training that takes entrepreneurs on a one-month intensive journey, which is followed by a year of follow-up sessions. All of our work and training have, as a foundation, the inspiration of the Bible, and our staff are dedicated to putting God’s love into action among the hurting and spiritually lost.

The programs are dynamic and the results are seen in the changes we celebrate in terms of changed lives. Partner with us to change the world, one life at a time! Invest in a life that impacts their family and community.

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