When Children Change the World- Water of Life Church and Fish Ponds in Tanzania

August 16, 2012 by Angela Vincent

Vicky and I at WOL.

In the Spring, I received an email from the Christian Education Coordinator at Water of Life Church in Fontana. She wanted to know of a project that the kids in the children’s ministry could be learning about and raising money for this summer. I shared with her the need to help fund one of our newest income generating projects, the fish ponds in Tanzania. The Tanzanian government has been a huge advocate in buying the fish that we cultivate in the ponds, which provides jobs for people in the community, and helps fund trainings for needy families in life giving skills!

Fast forward to this weekend, where I went and spoke to the children at Water of Life. I updated them about the four ponds that have already been built and are housing both catfish and talapia, with a fifth pond in construction. I shared with them the vision ELI has of building five more ponds by the end of this year, providing even more jobs and allowing us to fund even more trainings for families in the area.

When I was finished presenting the updates, pictures, and videos, Water of Life presented me with a check. Literally when I saw how much the kids raised, my heart skipped a beat and tears filled my eyes. I could NOT believe what I saw! Over the last few months, these children had raised almost $5,000 to fund these ponds! I heard story after story of kids who made bracelets to sell, another child who drew pictures and sold them for a dollar, and others who did chores for their parents. I was overwhelmed, but not surprised.

Jesus understood the incredible faith a child has, and tells us we ought to be more child-like in our own life. To see what an impact these children are making in Tanzania is amazing…the money they raised will help us to meet our goal of building five more ponds this year! These children are an inspiration to us all about the impact we can make around the world.

If you would like to learn more about the fish ponds in Tanzania, click here.

If you would like to involve your children’s programs in what God is doing through ELI in Africa, email me at

How creative! The kids would drop their money in these each week! They made it a competition between the girls and boys!

The creative posters WOL staff made to show the kids how many ponds they had raised money for!

Speaking at WOL

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