Kenya, one of the most developed and economically robust nations in Africa, descended into ethnic violence after a disputed presidential election in 2007. In the summer of 2009, a severe drought brought conditions more usually associated with its poorer neighbors, like Ethiopia or Chad. In late 2007, Kenya was in a position most of Africa would envy. Its economy had been humming along, with a growth rate around 7 percent and a billion-dollar-a-year tourism industry.
The country was at peace — nothing to sneeze at in a neighborhood that includes war-racked Somalia, Sudan and Congo. Despite the recent national struggles, ELI operations in Kenya have continued to thrive since 1995.

Since then a team of Kenyan nationals, USA staff and volunteers have worked together to help thousands of suffering people find the pathway to empowerment and spiritual transformation.

ELI has established and maintains:

  • 2 Training centers near Eldoret, Kenya.
  • 2 Children’s Homes that provide care for orphans.
  • The Brook of Faith Christian Academy, a school for orphans and vulnerable children.

Current Ministries, Programs, & Projects

  • Kenya Anti-Alcohol Program – an on-site rehabilitation program  and 12 step recovery groups.
  • Extension Training – dynamic training strategy that moves into the communities and villages
  • “Kuwezesha Kulima” (empowered farmer) program is expanding exponentially and changing the lives of suffering farmers
  • Business Development Intiatives –  is achieving great results among hundreds growing entrepreneurs.
  • ELITE – An innovative business venture involving new technologies and best practices.
  • Woodworking Studio