Sending a Letter

The children love receiving letters from their sponsors. Here are some simple guidelines for writing to your child.

Be sure to write your child’s name and ID number at the top of your letter.

Do not include your personal address, email or contact information:

For your privacy and the child’s privacy, please send all correspondence through the USA office only. This enables us to maintain required correspondence records and protects your privacy as well as the child’s. Do not use any other forms of social media.

Writing themes:

Focus on themes the child can relate to. Please refrain from writing about material possessions (cars, homes, vacations, etc…) which will emphasize differences. Discuss a person who influenced you, an important lesson learned or share about your family.

Do not promise or offer a child to come visit you:

We appreciate your interest in having your child visit, but we do not permit this for a number of reasons (child safety, culture shock, readjustment to own culture, etc…) Having the child leave their own culture is not always the best thing for them, and we are looking out for their long-term health and sustainability.

Encourage the child to believe in God and in himself/herself.

Sending gifts:

You may send any FLAT items that fit inside a 9”x 12” envelope (stickers, bookmarks, photos of your family, a thin paperback children’s book, etc. Please do not include candy or gum as it can melt in transit).

Avoid asking what the child may want:

We want your relationship to be based on mutual friendship rather than material gifts.


Please make sure that all persons are dressed appropriately. Please, no bathing suits, or short shorts/skirts, as this type of dress is inappropriate in Kenyan village culture.


Empowering Lives International

Child Sponsorship Program

PO Box 67

Upland, CA 91785

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us: – 909.931.1311

We reserve the right to review each letter and any enclosed materials for compliance with our guidelines and decline any inappropriate communications.