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Alice Jepngetich (IL-031)
Family: IL - Chepsat
Current Year in School: In Post-High School Education
Favorite Activity: Watching movies, Listening to music
Hopes to Become: A Business Lady
Guardian Home Community: Kabalwat
Hello, I'm

Alice Jepngetich (IL-031)

ID: IL-031
Ilula Children's Home

About Me:

Age: 19
Grade: 2nd year
Favorite Food: Chapati
Favorite Activity: Watching Movies, Listening to music
Hopes to Become: A business lady

My Education:

Primary School: Samro School
Secondary School: Kerotet
Post High School Education School Name: Jomo Kenyatta University
Post High School Emphasis: Bachelor of Commerce
Post High School Type of Study: Degree (Bachelors)
Post High School Required Years: 4
Post High School Education Projected End Date: 2021, Sep

Thank you so much for considering joining my Forever Family! When you sponsor me, you’ll receive a call from the amazing team in ELI's USA office to help you understand what comes next. A welcome packet will be mailed to you that includes my biography and photo. It will also explain how you can

      • Write letters to me
      • Receive letters from me
      • Receive video greetings from me and the children's homes
      • Send me small gifts if you would like
      • Pray for me
      • Come visit me in Kenya so that we can meet in person and fellowship together
      • Contact ELI if you ever have a question

We have made it as easy as possible for you to change the course of a precious child's life forever. Sponsorship is an ongoing partnership and relationship. Most people find that a monthly investment is easiest, and we make it possible for almost any budget to accommodate one of these powerful relationships.

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