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Some children have a monthly sponsorship need of $5-20 but they will not appear on the website. To sponsor one of them, please email or call her at 909.931.1311 ext. 7 and she'll be able to set up your unique sponsorship in no time at all!
I am a sixth-grader and I love playing soccer and basketball. More than sports, I love the Lord Jesus and hope to become a Pastor.
DOB: 08/26/2008
I am in college studying to become an office manager. I also love to dance and read!
DOB: 04/25/2000
I am in the 7th grade and my favorite subject is science. I hope to one day become a pilot. In my free time, I really like to play soccer.
DOB: 06/26/2006
I am studying hard at Hill High School where I am a senior. I hope to become a Doctor, but for now, I love reading and singing!
DOB: 05/06/2002
I am a Junior at Chepasaita High School. I have my sights set on attending college to become a pilot. I also enjoy playing soccer.
DOB: 08/03/2002
I am enrolled in a 2-yr program at Sigalagala Technical Training Institute. There I am studying Cosmetology. In my free time, I love to play soccer.
DOB: 05/05/1999
I am 16 years old & in 10th grade at Kipkeino High School. I enjoy soccer & my English Class! Someday I will be a Pilot.
DOB: 02/27/2006
I am a freshman in college at Ollesos Technical Training Institute. I aspire to become an electrician, and I love playing soccer in my free time!
DOB: 10/13/1999
I love Mathematics in my 7th grade class at Gethsemane School. Soccer is my game of choice!
DOB: 11/09/2007
I am a new student at Rift Valley Technical Institute where I am taking a two year certificate course in Food and Beverage.
DOB: 02/15/2000
I am in my 3rd year at Kenya Methodist University to become a High School teacher. I also enjoy playing soccer.
DOB: 07/06/1998
I am in the 9th grade at Kerotet High School. With my good grades, and a desire to view the world from above, I hope to become a pilot!
DOB: 09/07/2005
I attend Sigalagala technical training institute where I am studying Cosmetology. In my free time, I love to sing and dance!
DOB: 05/11/2001
I am a Senior at Chebisaas Boys High School. Someday I will go to college and study to become a chemical engineer. I enjoy reading.
DOB: 10/02/2001
I love my 1st grade class at Brook of Faith school. My friends and I play soccer as often as we can, but I study hard so I can be a teacher one day!
DOB: 01/01/2010
I am a first year college student at Mary Emmaculate sisters-Kaptagat, where I will graduate as a Fashion Designer!
DOB: 09/09/1999
I am 13 years old & in the 6th grade at Gethsemane School. Someday I will study to be a doctor. I enjoy playing soccer.
DOB: 12/03/2008
I am a Junior at Chepsaita Secondary School. After graduation, I want to study farming. I love planting & animal care.
DOB: 08/01/2002
Kisii University is where I am studying to become a teacher. I love reading and I know I can help others enjoy learning as much as I do!!
DOB: 09/30/1999
I am attending Kenya Accountancy college where I am studying to be an ICT Software Tech. I also enjoy a good game of basketball.
DOB: 05/05/1998
I am in the 6th grade at Brook of Faith School. I enjoy Social Studies, and I want to be a Teacher someday! In my free time, I love to play soccer.
DOB: 05/04/2004

It's taking us just a couple of days to cross every 't' and dot every 'i' for the records and sponsorship statuses for all the amazing children in Kenya. We should be fully operational with our online child-selection process on June 5th.

In the meantime, if you'd like to kickstart your sponsorship now our team in the USA is excited to share available child profiles, stories, and photos to help guide your sponsorship selection process.

Please email or call her at 1.909.931.1311 extension 2. 


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