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Barhanyanywa Family

The Barhanyanywas were a happy family living in Bukavu. They were a family of seven: five children, a mom, and a dad. They loved each other, but they had a very difficult life. After giving birth to five children, their mother, Anne, began to have some physical challenges. Anne became ill and deteriorated very quickly until, sadly, she passed away. In many African cultures when a mother dies, the responsibility of raising her children gets passed to a younger unmarried sister. In this case, Anne’s younger sister, Munyerenkane, was willing to care for the kids, and she embraced this responsibility wholeheartedly. After helping the children’s father take care of all five children for some time, they decided to get married. Eventually, they had four children of their own, bringing their total to nine!

Unfortunately, this poor family then faced another tragedy. Mr. Barhanyanywa got very sick, and after some time he too passed away, leaving Munyerenkane with nine children to support on her own. She did her best to provide for all of the children, but each day became more and more difficult until she could no longer manage it. Seven of the nine children moved back to their village because they believed that was their best chance at survival.

However, Ampa and Alimungu, the youngest of the five children from Anne and Mr. Barhanyanywa, decided to stay because they didn’t want to leave their beloved school. Their father had been an advocate of Empowering Lives International Academy and had volunteered his time to many activities through the years. But after his death, the family's financial struggles made it uncertain whether the brothers would be able to continue attending. One day their grandmother, who was very involved in their lives, came to the ELI Academy to ask for help for Ampa and Alimungu. The school sent the social worker to visit the family, and he found that the family was indeed in dire straits. They needed help quickly or the boys would not be able to continue their schooling.

A meeting was scheduled at the school with the staff, the grandmother, and Ampa and Alimungu to discuss what could be done to help them. The two boys shared that they had a great idea: they asked to borrow enough money to buy two plates of 30 eggs that they could boil and sell in order to earn money for their tuition. The staff loved this idea and worked together to raise the capital for the boys, who began selling the eggs after school. Their little business started with an idea and two plates of eggs, but has grown so much that they can pay their tuition. They even help provide food for the rest of their struggling family!

The Barhanyanywa household was so devastated by the loss of their parents and by their many years of barely surviving. But the boys’ business changed everything. They are now happy and thriving, living joyful lives! Ampa and Alimungu are so grateful to ELI for the emotional, physical, and financial support and encouragement they received from the staff, and they pray each day for those that help support the ministry.


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