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Dorcas Bazibuhe

What would it be like to live in a country where the effects of war kill 23,000 children every month? Dorcas Bazibuhe knows because she grew up suffering from the devastation caused by such a conflict in DR Congo.

At only four years old, her carefree life turned to sadness and pain overnight when soldiers raided her village. Her mother, father, and ten siblings ran and hid in the forest out of fear. The frenzied panic of flying bullets, horrid screams, and men wielding blood-stained machetes drove fear into her little heart and soul. She was separated from her family and hid for a week, hoping the terrible soldiers would not find and kill her. Though she was still filled with fear, Dorcas made her way back home. There she found her siblings and father, but her heart broke to learn that the rebel soldiers had kidnapped, raped, and killed her mother.

In the wake of this tragedy, Dorcas’s father struggled to provide for his family in the village, so he traveled with the children into the city of Bukavu, hoping to find work. The only place they could find to live was an overcrowded slum named Keredi, which was where his sister lived. Without money, survival was difficult and opportunities were scarce, but Dorcas’s aunt knew of a special school that had a reputation for caring for orphans and vulnerable children. Within a few days, Dorcas and her siblings were attending the ELI Academy, which provided a daily meal as well as a great education.  

Dorcas started at the academy in first grade. She was immediately welcomed with open arms and loved and supported by the staff. Each student there was provided with a mentor to help them process things that had happened in their lives. Dorcas's mentor prayed with her, counseled her, and taught her how important faith in God is. Dorcas learned how to become not just a strong woman, but a strong woman of faith who loves Jesus! She was baptized and joined the school choir, and everyone at ELI became her second family. It did not take long for Dorcas to let go of the pain that she had experienced in her life. When telling her story, she said, "My past didn't have much effect on me because of the harmony and fellowship we had with the teachers, the staff, and the other students."

Dorcas has been attending the ELI Academy since then because of the sponsorship that partners like you make possible. She is so excited to be graduating from high school this year and heading off to college! She expressed her gratitude by saying, "I thank ELI for all the support: they paid my tuition and they fed me every day for 12 years. My family was unable to do that. When my mum passed away, I thought my life would stop, but ELI gave me hope, and now I am finishing high school. I will miss the ELI school and staff very much."

Dorcas’s dream is to attend college and study clinical psychology so she can help those who face hard times like she did. Her wish is for all children to have a nurturing environment in which to thrive so they can fight poverty and live God-honoring and self-sustainable lives. The school is now equipping her dad in stronger business skills so that, along with Dorcas’s support, the business he runs can grow. The goal is that together they can generate the money needed to help her pursue her dream of becoming a counselor!

When you change the world for a child like Dorcas, you really are helping that child change the world! Thank you for being a part of her incredible journey.

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ELI Academy in DR Congo

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Help fill the gap and close the $18k school deficit due to COVID-19.

Empowering The ELI Academy

$10 educates a child for 1 month

$150 pays a teacher's salary for 1 month

$550 pays for the School Feeding Program for 1 month 

Provide 6 months of empowerment trainings for the parents ($15k is needed).

Empowering the Parents

$25 pays for 1 parent's training workbook

$100 covers two weeks of a trainer's salary

$240 covers ALL COSTS for 1 parent
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