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Furaha Zirumana

Furaha Zirumana is a living example of how our Empowering Lives International Academy can change the course of a child’s future. Little Furaha was only three years old when rebels murdered her parents; in an instant the toddler became an orphan. With no extended family to care for her, Furaha was totally alone in the world until her kind neighbors offered to bring her in as part of their own family. Then, three years later, a relative of the family came to visit them, heard Furaha’s story, and believed she could give the child a better chance at a full and happy life. The woman lived near the ELI Academy in Bukavu and was familiar with the school’s wonderful reputation for taking in orphans and vulnerable children.

It was decided that Furaha would move to Bukavu with the woman, who would advocate on her behalf to the ELI staff. After the necessary investigation and upon finding the story to be true, the school accepted Furaha as a student. At first she struggled due to the trauma of her past, but being surrounded by other orphans who had also experienced unimaginable difficulties in their lives helped her feel accepted and comfortable. Soon she felt like part of the ELI family. Furaha was strengthened by the counseling and encouragement from the ELI staff, and she attended the Academy all the way through high school. After that, she continued with training in computers and secretary skills, and Furaha is now teaching at a renowned primary school!

She recently came back to visit the ELI Academy to share the exciting news that she was engaged to be married. Furaha wanted the staff who loved her and raised her to stand in as her biological parents at her wedding. What a blessing! 
Furaha also announced that she would be paying the school fees for one orphan at the ELI Academy so that child would have the same chance to fulfill their destiny, just as she did. She is so grateful to the school and all of the sponsors that made a huge impact on her life, and she promised to remain active in the ELI Club where all old and new students gather.

We thank God every day for the incredible transformation that happens in these children through your partnership with ELI. It is our continued prayer that all children in East Africa get the chance to become World Changers.

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