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Sylvester Kipchumba was a government official by day and an alcoholic by night. Because he had a wife and 15 children, he spent years trying to stop drinking, but he could not break free from the bondage of alcohol addiction. Sylvester’s journey started when he was a young boy at a circumcision initiation ceremony. During the ceremony the boys were given a shot of a local brew called busaa. Sadly, this small quantity was all it took to ignite his taste for alcohol. Soon Sylvester had begun to steal alcohol from his father and drink alone. His drinking accelerated in college where drinking made him feel like he fit in with his friends. After his schooling, Sylvester landed a good job with the government, and he was finally able to stop drinking; his sobriety lasted five years. Jump to video of Sylvester

Sylvester’s life was heading in the right direction until one fateful decision changed everything. He began to join his friends after work at the drinking den where they liked to hang out. He told himself he was just there to socialize, but one day he tried a swig of a new local brew called changaa, which means “kill me quick” because it is very toxic and dangerous. This one little taste was enough to pull him back into the darkness of uncontrolled drinking, and this time his addiction was much worse.

His weekend drinking became everyday drinking, and soon it consumed his life. He lost his great government job and found himself with 15 children that were in need of school fees that he could no longer afford. Because he had 18 acres of land, he decided to sell some so that his kids could return to school. Unfortunately, his addiction was so powerful that he spent most of the proceeds on alcohol instead.

Soon Sylvester’s alcoholism began to change him. He became angry and verbally abusive to his wife and children, and he would violently destroy things in their home. Although he did not beat his family, the emotional damage was devastating. Sylvester hit rock bottom when he landed in jail. When his kids came to pick him up, he promised repeatedly that he would stop drinking so the police would release him. However, deep down in his heart, he knew that he wasn’t able to stop on his own. 

Thankfully, the chief of Cheragany was a friend of Sylvester’s and told him about a detox program in Ilula. Knowing it was probably his only hope, Sylvester agreed to go, but first ran to the drinking den to have one last glass of changaa before he left for the 10-day program.

After the detox program ended, Sylvester was a changed man and decided to quit drinking forever! He put his newly learned skills into action and began to weed his neglected land. He cleared his acreage, planted vegetables, and began to raise goats as well. He kept the commitment he had made to avoid the company of his old friends and spent about six months focusing on his sobriety and working his farm.

Eventually, he felt a desire to share this incredible miracle with others in his community, so he gathered a couple of other sober friends and they began to share their stories.
In just one month, 10 alcoholics decided to attend the Ilula detox program. Sylvester excitedly said, “I am so thankful to God for removing my thirst for alcohol and making me an agent of change!”

He prays with his family each night that God would continue to use him and the other Men of Change to spread the word and help set more people free from the captivity of alcoholism.


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