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Clean Water & Self-Sustaining Life Skills in Tanzania

Your provision of clean water makes it possible for families, communities, and villages to tackle the causes of generational poverty!

Just outside of Mwanza in the Lake Victoria Water Basin, water scarcity is a major problem. Ironically, water near the lake (within 20 miles of the shoreline) is often so saturated by salt and minerals that it is not drinkable. People have struggled in-spite of this challenge for generations. However, the cost has been that children are often unable to attend schools and mothers are often unable to run successful small businesses. Why? Because the hours a day required to fetch and boil potable water takes too long. When presented with this struggle, You responded so that reliable, professional and affordable water solutions could be provided.

Through your help, ELI launched Mighty Men Well Drilling in 2013. The name “Mighty Men” was inspired by King David’s Mighty Men in 2 Samuel 23, who after standing firm, risking their lives, and trusting God amidst the battle, “the Lord worked a great victory” (v.12). 

With a focus on empowering young people, school programs alongside a school well that give ownership to students through the form of weekly Wednesday WaSH trainings and water clubs. Combined with your efforts, the local communities believe transformation is possible. Everyone is motivated by seeing many local schools and villages start to access the clean water and practice good hygiene and sanitation to reduce the spread of diseases.

Over 30 wells are providing life to more than 10,000 people!

Your passion to see change has resulted in the leveraging the community access provided through the well drilling to begin facilitating inner-healing and reconciliation programs amongst community members who have suffered under the yoke of generational poverty. From those gatherings and meetings business, pastoral, and agricultural trainings have begun to equip the local people with skills in self-sustainability.

Clean Water

Water is life. Without it nothing is possible. Families with water are families with futures.

Reconciliation & Inner Healing

Brokenness in a family, community, or congregation perpetuates poverty. When people begin to work together change takes place and transformation becomes possible.

Life-Skills for Sustainability

Poultry keeping, jewelry making, masonry, tree seedling nurseries, bread baking, and animal hubandry are just some of the micro-enterprises that are started.
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