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Major Milestones (2005-2009)

During these five years ELI passes many major milestones as the work grows and matures in several ways.
South Sudan School initiated – Kipkaren Children’s Home built in Kenya along with the Brook of Faith Elementary School.
Training advances and reaches new effectiveness through Business For Life program in Kenya and the Farmer Village at Home Training Model launched in Tanzania.
A bridge collapses and is rebuilt and the model for providing skills rather than handouts reaches more and more families as the years progress.
  • 2005: The 50 year civil war in Sudan comes to a miraculous ceasefire and ELI Kenya leadership begins exploring opportunities to empower the people of Southern Sudan near Bor. 
  • 2005: Construction of ELI’s second children home is started in Kipkaren, Kenya near the exiting ELI training center.
  • 2005: A 50 year flood lifts the Kipkaren River in Kenya high enough to collapse the wood structure bridge built in 1999.
  • 2006: Doug Taylor and a team from Clovis Christian Church help rebuild the “Jesus Cross Over Bridge” with giant steel trusses!
  • 2006: A Christian primary school in South Sudan is initiated with the first students meeting in shady areas while classrooms begin construction of the first school in this location in over 20 years. The school begins with 170 children from ages five to 15. Every child begins in the first grade!
  • 2006: ELI initiates a one month training and 11 months follow-up entrepreneur program in Kenya called  “Business For Life”.
  • 2006: Kipkaren River Children’s Home is opened and dedicated by Retired Kenyan General Lazaro Sumbeiywo who is the one God used to primer the peace agreement in Sudan after 50 years of civil war.
  • 2006: The Brook of Faith Christian School is constructed by ELI in Kipkaren and opens to provide schooling to the 100 orphans in the ELI Kipkaren Home and many other children from surrounding villages. Dedicated by Dave Burns – Senior pastor of Hillside Community Church.
  • 2007:  ELI Kenya Anti-Alcohol program expands to help hundreds of men and women come out of their addiction and into the arms of God through a village based outreach and accountability program.
  • 2007: Kenyan ELI trainer, Isaac Ruto, assists ELI Tanzania leadership to begin a field farmer training strategy that, over the next few years, proves so successful in terms of lives changed with great cost effectiveness that ELI leadership expands the model to reach other countries beyond Tanzania.
  • 2008: ELI DR Congo School (in Bukavu) expands beyond primary levels to include a high school program in the slum that would soon reach over 500 children, who would otherwise have no access to education.
  • 2009: ELI Ilula Children’s home celebrates it 5 year anniversary and reaches full capacity as over 100 children are embraced by the ELI staff and “Parents” who are raising the children.
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