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Child Spotlight

Allan Kipkemboi

As a soon to be college grad from one of Kenya’s top universities, Allan is the definition of success. You’d never know it now, but Allan’s life began with many challenges. He was born into a single parent family in 1998, where his mother took care of him and his little sister until she died from a fatal illness in 2003. The two children were then left in the care of their elderly grandfather and disabled grandmother. As the children became school-aged, it was impossible to pay the school fees required to attend classes. Clearly seeing the hopeless state of her family, Allen’s grandmother reached out for help to ELI-Kipkaren in 2006.

At ELI, Allen experienced security and a life filled with the love of God, brothers, sisters, and caring parents. With a secure, loving family, a heart devoted to Jesus, and a good education, Allan learned that he had the will and determination to succeed at anything he put his mind to.

Throughout school, his teachers encouraged him to do his best, set goals, and dream big! Allan worked hard and was able to graduate from one of Kenya’s most prestigious high schools with outstanding grades, allowing him to apply to his university of choice!

As in many countries, living expenses at top universities in Kenya can be quite costly. Yet that reality didn’t deter Allan! He utilized his ELI Business for Life training to start a small business to generate income. With only 3 hens, his start-up business multiplied and enabled him to save money until it was time to apply for college. He was thrilled to be accepted into Chuka University and begin studies toward a Bachelor’s in Education, Physics, and Mathematics.

When Covid 19 disrupted schools and schedules, Allan made the most of this unexpected turn of events by helping empower his siblings at Kipkaren. He returned to the Children’s Home as an intern teacher to help his younger siblings with their home school studies. They were happy to see their brother teaching them, and many were motivated to do their very best for him.

Then, in early January 2021, as his college closure continued, Allan once again implemented the skills learned in the Business for Life course and planted corn in a small garden, complete with an irrigation system. Now the corn is being harvested, providing an income, and putting food on the table for his family! He also practiced Agroforestry and planted 200 trees, which he believes will help provide him income in the future.

Allan, now in his third year at Chuka University, is a focused, disciplined, and humble young man who has accomplished something only few children in Kenya are able to do, to attend 12 years of school and soon graduate with a college degree. As Allan prepares to graduate, there is no doubt he will use that same drive and determination he has always exhibited to lead the way as a World Changer, empowering his family and entire community to crush poverty and ignite hope!

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