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Child Spotlight

Leah Naeku

The first thing people notice about Leah Naeku is the joy that exudes from her beautiful smile and quiet confidence. You would never know that she had to face many hardships as a young child. Leah was born in 2008 to a single mother in Shartuka, Kenya. Leah’s mother constantly struggled to make ends meet, so she sent Leah to live with her grandmother in hopes that her situation would soon improve. After a few years of hard work, Leah’s mother was finally able to take her back – but it wasn’t long before tragedy struck. Just as their life began to feel normal again, a fire unexpectedly blazed throughout their home. All of their belongings turned to ash, and both Leah and her mother suffered severe burns while escaping the flames. They were immediately rushed to the nearest hospital to receive treatment, but just a few days later, Leah’s mother unfortunately passed away due to the severity of her injuries.

Once Leah physically recovered, she was sent to live with her closest relative, her grandmother. It was clear that she ultimately could not provide the protection and care Leah needed, so Leah was then sent to live with her aunt. Leah’s aunt prioritized the needs of her own biological children, leaving Leah to fend for herself most days. There was no sense of stability left in her life, and she was struggling to find any glimpse of hope for her future.

Little did Leah know . . . that hope she was so desperately seeking was waiting right around the corner! Her grandmother heard about our Ilula Children’s Home through a friend in the community, and she instantly knew that’s where Leah needed to be. Before long, she was welcomed into the home with open arms! Leah went from being a hopeless child with no stable home, to a joyful child with parents, siblings, nutritious food, a loving home, and the opportunity to receive an education. Now, Leah is a hard-working freshman in high school with big dreams and ambitious plans for her future! She loves the Lord with all her heart, and with His help, she has forgiven her aunt. She even hopes to visit her someday!

The scars left on Leah’s hands are no longer a reminder of the pain she endured – but of the healing power of God! She now holds onto His truth every day of her life. “Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you.” Hebrews 13:5

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